15 Lustful Valentine’s Day Ideas in 2019

Rakshit Vedia Jan 24 2019 at 10:44 AM

We all know about Valentine’s Day and why it is celebrated. Isn’t it true that in the first week of February we start to look for gifting ideas or start planning what we are going to do for our loved one? Well, there are plenty of things that one can think of and do. Let us help you a bit with “your” Valentine’s Day idea, which will be fun, trendy and cheap.

Don’t repeat what you had done last year as there are many interesting and lustful new ideas that you can follow to make your day special.

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Read along to discover fresh creative Valentine’s Day ideas –

1. The Chocolate Challenge

This idea is as sweet as it sounds and in taste. You and your partner need to stand in front of each other with a bar of big chocolate in one hand. Place the bar of chocolate near the lips. Race each other in gulping it down first. No one is allowed to stuff into the mouth and keep it there without gulping. You both will end up in feats of laughter seeing the other chase you down at it. Isn’t this a super fun and cute idea?

If you feel that above idea is not appealing and want to do something different and naughty, then how about chocolate body painting? Ask your partner to stand in front of you in their  undergarments. Take the brush in your hand and use your creativity to paint something on your partner’s body. You can paint anything on your partner’s face, stomach or legs. Once you are done painting you can take a picture of it. The Shunga Body Painting Aphrodisiac Chocolate can is perfect for this exercise. Warning: Do not indulge in foreplay while doing the activity.

2. Stranger Things

Yes, you may have watched this popular show on Netflix, but for a creative Valentine Day’s idea it is not necessary to watch this show. This Valentine’s Day you and your partner act like complete strangers next to each other. If you like to party, then go to the bar and pretend like complete strangers to break the ice. If you are more of a silent couple, sit anywhere next to each other in a park and start with your first time picks.

3. Are we Visionaries yet?

Create a vision board that would include simple short term relation-based goals. You can include goals such as trying a new thing in bed or committing to save money together or even sending 5 memes each day. Whatever small or big things you can think of together, just put it on. It is not necessary that your goals have to be huge and farsighted.

4. Mask it out!

This activity is fun and includes doing an entire facial with your partner. With so many steps in a facial kit, it will last for a whole one hour of fun and bonding. If you want to save time then opt for 1 face mask instead. While the facial dries out keep troubling your partner by tickling, making weird faces, taking selfies and so much more. Completing this activity will also give you a soft and clear skin.

5. Your Relationship

You and your partner may have asked tons of questions to understand each other, but how many questions you have asked to know about your relationship. This Valentine’s Day, get some in-depth information about the relationship you are in.

6. Are you up for a Board game?

Mobile games such as candy crushes and subway surfers takes away the joy of sitting down together and playing an engaging game. This valentine’s day, indulge in playing Uno or Scrabble with a can of coke and a bowl of chips to have endless fun.

If you want to spice things up, you and your partner can opt for adult games. The Mr. & Mrs. Trivia Card Game will let you know more about your partner. It consists of some super crazy questions you can ask to your partner and have some fun during revelations.

7. Pictures in Phone

Your smartphone galleries are loaded with pictures, screenshots, memes and memories. Choose one day and takeout time to go through these pictures in your phones. You might discover something to have a good laugh about or maybe an age old picture of you both. Spend time by investing in that moment of ‘picture-exploration’ as you both will have a great time together.

8. Challenges

YouTube has many couple challenges videos and are quite fun to watch. Don’t we wonder how much fun they had shooting it? Well, you don’t have to shoot any videos or record them and put it on YouTube. Simply you need to take inspiration from the ongoing couple challenges and try it out with your partner. Isn’t this fun guys?

9. Head over to Pinterest for Couple Poses

Head to Pinterest and check out “couple poses”. Keep your phone on an elevated area and try out the couple poses. You might think that you are nailing it but your partner may find it very funny. If you fail, don’t worry, try out the poses again and it will be hell lot of fun. You can also record the poses on your phone and create a beautiful memory which you can laugh at when you are old.

10. Sext with a Twist

Sexting is quite common if you are in a long distance relationship. But what if you are right in front of your partner and you have all the chances to grab each other and make love in a moment of heated lust. Well, this idea may sound good but how about making it sexier?  Sit next to your partner and do not touch. Use a messaging app that you usually chat on and text things you would do to each other. It could be really tough to keep your hands off each other, but that’s the idea. Think about the hot makeout you will have once you release. Limit the activity to 30 minutes. You can send pictures of your body too, but no touching. Have a steamy valentine guys!

11. The Loyalty Test

This idea can be little mean for some people but can be fun too. This isn’t about performing loyalty test on each other. You and your partner can do this activity on your valentine dinner or maybe catching up on a pizza on Valentine’s Day. On your dinner date, look out for another couple enjoying their date. Once you locate your ‘target’ couple, the girl has to keep giving the guy looks and the guy eyes the girl. If the other couple starts looking back you can celebrate the success of your mission.

12.  Make a gift for a family person

Wouldn’t you like it if your partner is very respectful and loving towards your family? Put your Valentine’s Day time to good use by planning or making a gift for your family member. This will in turn create a great bond between you and your partner as you can spend time over shopping for it together. This activity is surely engaging and a lot of fun.

13.  Do it Yourself (DIY) YouTube

This activity doesn’t involve watching too many YouTube videos. Instead, you or your partner can search for DIY YouTube videos and perform the same DIY together. The simplest activity could be taking a plain t-shirt and converting it into a completely different item altogether. Chop! Chop! Chop!

14.  QuizUp

QuizUp is a mobile app which can downloaded on your smartphone. On QuizUp, you will be opened to all TV, movies, celebrities, cartoons and all other fun stuff you would actually want to compete. Sit next to each other and keep talking while you beat each other’s scores. This activity is absolutely fun.

15.  Workout the fun way

Here’s your chance to get fit while having fun with your partner on Valentine’s Day. You and your partner should head to the gym for a workout. Add a dash of variation to the regular couple workout by challenging and distracting. For example, perform a set of 25 squats and distract your partner while he completes his and cross your score. Tease your partner by tickling.

If you are looking to gift your partner and wondering what to gift, then there are many  gifting options you can opt for. Check out Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts!


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