9 Sensitive (Erogenous) Body Parts to Touch a Man When Making Sex

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Making love is one of the most sensual, sensitive, and arousing topics there is, and the feeling and the emotion between two partners rather than just bodies mating is the most important. Making love is not just all about sex, it is about the chemistry between two individuals. And all the things that are associated with it.

There are different fantasies, fetishes, and kinks that are associated with the act of copulation and these differ from individual to individual.

When it comes to women, the feeling of touch happens to be really important, as they are way more sensual in these terms as compared to men. But even men happen to be not that far behind, the feeling of touch equally arouses men in general as well.

There are certain parts in a man’s body that are proven to arouse them, it is just the right touch at the right time which can do the work. So here are the 9 most sensitive body parts to touch a man while making love or sex to arouse him even more.

1. Neck : This one of the most sensitive areas in the body of a person, regardless of gender. This area is proved to stimulate a reaction when touched properly. The side and the back of the neck happen to be even more sensitive as compared to the entire neck. A soft touch whilst in the act of foreplay or nibbling from the side of the neck to all the way down to his chest and then the same again. If you are in the act of kissing, a warm kiss on the side of his neck and in the same motion from up to down can be really sensual and arousing.


2. Ears : Ears happen to be one of the most underrated areas in the body of a man when it comes to arousing a man. But, to our surprise, that is not what the truth is. Even ears in a man happen to be equally stimulating, provided you know how to and when to arouse a man with his ears. Ears are basically for hearing and this is one of the ways by which you can arouse him, just going near his year and saying what he wants to hear, a few warm, dirty little whispers in his ears might just do the trick for you, and in some cases this might even work better than the conventional ways. A soft warm kiss or a gentle bite on the lower region of the ear can also arouse a man very well.


3. Hands : Hands are where everything starts, right from the first touch to the rest of the act of copulation, all of it begins with our hands. And despite all this, we still underestimate the touch of them or seeing them as arousing factors when it comes to making love to a man. The hands are indeed proven to be one of the most sensual areas that arouse a man whilst in the act of making love. The palm region happens to be very sensitive as compared to the rest. Holding hands even when not in the act of making love gives a warm feeling of affection and oneness. So holding the hand of your man tightly can indeed increase the temperature when in the act, plus, it also decreases the distance between him and you, thereby bringing you closer.


4. Thighs : This surely might sound a bit obscure and bizarre, but this happens to be the truth in most of the cases. The thighs of a woman happen to be really sensitive when it comes to the act of making love, they are known to stimulate magical stimulations in the body of a woman. The sensitivity of a man on his thighs is equally high, a man can be equally aroused if you work the inner areas of his thighs correctly. While in the act of making love slowly running your fingers around the inner region of his thighs might do wonder for you as well, or if you happen to engage in oral sex by any chance, then moving your tongue around that region can work in a similar fashion but much more effectively.

5. Feet : This isn’t an obscure or a gross form of making love. But this actually is a turn-on for men as well as women. Most women and men as well happen to have the foot fetish in some or the other way. While you are in the act, gently touching his feet and rolling your hands around it surely gives him a sensation, but this is not the feeling of tickling, this is the feeling of arousal that he experiences from your touch. The inner region of your feet can cause stimulation in a man. If you do not find it gross, then licking the toes of his feet in a gentle motion can be one of the biggest turn-ons in a man.


6. Nipples : The nipples of a man can be equally arousing just like that of a woman. Women are known for having sensitive nipples and moving your hands around her nipples or licking them can create a magical reaction for women. This happens to be equally true for men as well. While you are in the act of making love, slowly moving your hands around the region of his nipples can arouse him as you hear him moan. Even moving your tongue around the region of his nipples is truly arousing, if you are a bit kinky, pinching his nipples can also be arousing on an entirely different level.


7. G-spot : This is not just a thing that happens to reside in women and is not just a turn-on and extremely arousing spot in women. There is also a G-spot in men, this spot is not known by many, but that indeed resides in men. This region is situated a bit inside a man, this region is around the rectum of men. This is the region that arouses the man can be stimulated by running your hands around that region or even moving his tongue around that region. Since this is a bit private region in the men, you might want to have a chat with your partner before stepping in that region and stimulating the arousal.


8. Shaft : The shaft of his penis is one of the most sensitive and arousing spots in a man. This is quite obvious but this is not to be misunderstood with a handjob. Men usually love it when you touch the private parts of them. When you touch the shaft and the tip of the penis of the men and run your fingers around that region of his body this does produce an arousing reaction in men, and you can see him moan.


9. Testicles : The testicles are known to be very stimulating and they are really sensitive to an external touch. You can give him a handjob but running your fingers gently over his testicular region surely does arouse him. If you indulge in oral sex, then moving your tongue around the region of his testicles can arouse him on different levels and you can definitely watch him getting aroused because of it.


So, what are you waiting for? Arouse him with these tricks and get him raring to go to make love you like a wild beast.

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