Are you In love with a married man? Learn How do you handle it

Somnath Kamble Feb 23 2019 at 4:35 AM

Are you happy with your love life? Do you think it’s complicated? Are you sure about your love with a married man? Are you giving your time and energy to the right person? These are the questions you are definitely asking yourself if you are dating a married man. And is it wrong? Is it right? Who is anyone to judge?

Here is a good read for you womenfolk who need a guiding force to go through this with strength and love.

  1. First of all, is it even love? You can surely distinguish between a fling and actual love. If you cannot then it’s vital to do so immediately, because you do not want it to be a one-sided love affair.
  2. If it’s a fling, then make sure it is clear from both the parties, no one wants to break hearts here. Now coming back to the actual difficult topic. If it’s love. If it’s love from your side, then the first thing you need to do is make sure the feeling’s mutual.
    How do you know that? It’s pretty simple, is the relationship only physical? Or does the guy actually invest time on you, Is there an emotional side to the relationship? These are some of the questions you are supposed to ask yourself.
  3. To know and be sure that it’s the love you need to observe if your relationship has a non-sexual element as well. Usually your beloved will want more than just a physical relationship with you. He would want to be seen with you. Not hide you as if you were his mistress. He would give a vital part of his time to you. Is hugs a normal part of your relationship and if they are how homely do you feel.
  4. Studies say that most married men having an extramarital affair are missing out an element with their own marriage and therefore find that element with you and if you aren’t committed one thing is for sure, he is with you now, but eventually, he is taken. Morally not available to you.
  5. Often married men keep repeating that one thing you get to hear as often as good mornings from a teenage love, which is “I’ll be getting a divorce soon”. This soon is very peculiar, because often it never comes, and you keep wondering where you went wrong. You need to make sure that the divorce he keeps talking about is not just for saying sake. Ask for proof if you have to.
  6. Make sure you know about his family and kids if he is getting a divorce, who will get the custody, who will keep the house etcetera. You shouldn’t let any man take advantage of you. You do not want to be his living breathing checkbook because his wife is too bossy.
  7. Meet other people as well. He goes back to his wife when your date is over, what is stopping you from making new friends, meeting new people and having a backup? No one should be your answer. A married man has no right to bind you to a relationship which has a 3rd person involved. You need to make sure you have plenty of people in case one fine day he ends it without any warning. You need to remember that his top priority will always be his family, wife, and kids, so don’t get attached.
  8. There is absolutely no need to give up everything for a married man. Independence is the key to successful love life.
  9. Speak truth and truth alone when you are speaking with yourself. You have to answer each and every question with the best and truest intentions you have for yourself. You don’t want to be involved with a person who will eventually hurt you or replace you with another woman, because you expected too much, because you took things seriously and YOU fell in love. Be a smart lover, not a blind one.
  10. Don’t be in this fantasy world where you have already assumed, he is going to leave his family for you and you alone. If he has kids, then there are more chances of not getting divorced. You are in this relationship with all the risk you have to take. And you need to know and accept that.

You aren’t here to break families and bonds. Love just happens. And you have no control over it. But at the end of the day, you need to come back to your senses and be aware of how complicated this relationship is.

In the end, you need to learn one thing for your own good. Learn to move on. Be prepared to move on in a relationship such as this one. You know you’re in it for reasons beyond your control, and you do not want to hurt yourself in any way. So, know that it will either end one day or be something much grander than any love you have ever come across. Just believe in your gut and be selfish for your emotional protection.

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