Confessions of an Indian sex blogger

Aleena Aug 27 2018 at 1:38 PM

An Indian girl in a sex toy shop.

How does that sound to you?

No she’s not a salesperson…..No she’s not using it.

The world of blogging in India is ablaze with female writers who put down their feelings on their blog and nourish their blog like a child.

So, what am I doing different?

I run a blog where I do put my feelings down but, I do it on a taboo topic. A topic Indian girls are kept far away from….at least at this ripe age of 21.

Yeah you are smart. You got it. (Or you just read the headline).

The topic I am talking about here is – Sex.

I strongly believe, In India we need to talk more about sex and that’s the mission I have taken on my shoulders.

And this mission so far has been exciting and difficult both at once.

Being a blogger for an online sex store has its own perks. This profile gave me an experience of a lifetime but also had me do thing I never thought I would be doing.

Here are some things I would like to confess, raw and original-

“Turn on is real”

When you go through millions of sex stories and sexual blogs throughout the day, it is but natural to get aroused a little. The same happens with me.

I work with a bunch of 10 guys and 2 girls….but everyone follows a respectable, professional environment even though we work in this industry.

Although yes, my work does get me turned on. More times than I would like it too.

I get wet down there, my heart races and I can’t stop fantasizing about the things that are currently on my screen.

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Sometimes I want to stop reading, close my eyes and visualize whatever I just read. I feel a strong urge to use the washroom and masturbate my senses out. But sadly I can’t do that.

I have a deadline to meet up just like other bloggers and writers, and no matter how juicy my work is….I have to follow some rules.

Dammit hormones!

“People judge”

Most of the people in my life do not know what I do. Yeah I have kept it a secret. Heck let alone my parents. Everyone knows I write. But no one actually knows “what” I write.

Out of the many people in the company who know, a few judge my choices.

My willingness to do this makes them question my character.

This isn’t a hoax. It does happen and it has happened.

But as long as I love my job, what people think or say does not matter to me. That is what I have followed up till now and I will from here as well.

“My partner is extremely happy”

Boyfriend is one of the few people in my personal life who knows what I do and he’s extremely supportive of me. Why shouldn’t he?

I know more about his penis than he does.

I always have a new sexual move in mind when we meet.

And much more he’s thankful for.

“I need to sexually fantasize in broad daylight”

Up until this year of my life, I have cozied up in my bed with a super soft blanket over me and with my eyes closed I have imagined his hands running all over my body but now,

Seated in this rotating office chair, eyes glued to the office computer….I am forced to think of sexual situation and play it in my mind in order to write them down on my document.

It gets tough guys, really tough.

“Sometimes I resort to sexting to get ideas”


Like the previously mentioned scenario when I am getting distracted by the office chaos around me and I am not getting those kind of ideas….Here’s what I do.

I pick up my phone and shoot a dirty text to my boyfriend. Sometimes he replies almost instantly and that really helps. Sometimes he doesn’t.

We text to and fro for some time and then I can get back to my writing.

Yea that really happens.

The most fun part about all this is that he does not have a clue that I use his texts as a part of my blog.

“I have to experience everything I write”

Okay, I have to admit this.

In my writings for this blog I have used a lot of my real life experiences.

In order to understand that particular sexual process, I need to personally feel what exactly happens and how do you feel.

For example, if I need to write about “pain during intercourse” I need to explain in extremely simple words that a penis is dry and when it tries entering …it hurts.

I have to really go through the entire process.

Because at the end of the day, feeling is writing.

“I have gotten better in bed”

Words of boyfriend, not me.

Not to brag, he cannot stop praising me after each makeout.

He says I am confident, sexy and wild in bed.

I just like to believe……once you are confident in bed, it automatically gets sexy.

Anywho, we are very happy in bed.

“Saturation is real too”

Whatever you get in huge abundance, you start getting bored of it after a period of time. The same happens to me.

After being overloaded with sex stories and erotic stuff, I don’t get aroused by them anymore.

It takes a lot more to turn me on.

“It’s not always fun”

Even though the topic is sex, job is a job.

With deadlines piling up, boss pressurizing for strategies and presentations…it actually feels like a regular work and all the pleasurable thoughts go out of the window when that happens.

Thinking of user clicks, bounce rates, headlines, SEO and whatnot……writing is not the only part I do.

And that you guys, is not fun.

“And lastly I love my job”


Even though it’s not fun at times, I deeply, crazily, totally love my job and I would trade this for absolutely nothing in this world.

I never thought I would work for something so interesting and actually look forward to going to office everyday.

So that was me Aleena, baring my heart to you….If you found my confessions interesting, do share it with your friends who will find this interesting too.

And let me know in the comments down below what you think. Looking forward to hear what you have to say!!

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