Cuddle up to great sex

Aurumie Baubo Oct 29 2019 at 11:35 AM

It’s a common notion that when a man or woman begins to cuddle up to one another, it means they are looking to have sex. Softly touching one another, massaging your partner’s neck or playing with his or her fingers is a way to give physical cues that the body is gearing to more serious business. But does it need to always end up that way?

Men and women are warm creatures of emotions. Of wanting physical affection. And it feels good when your mate comes over and hugs you or uses his or her hands, mouth and body to touch you, and makes skin-to-skin contact without it ending up in the bedroom. These are a few moments that can spread some honeyed warmth all over one’s body. And when it’s over, it feels like one has had an intimate hit of the love potion.

What does really happen when we cuddle? The brain begins to release a chemical called oxytocin that makes one feel good. And it turns our body on to wanting more sexual contact. Not all cuddling needs to be sexual. Sometimes non-sexual contact can be that groundwork that both men and women must do on an everyday basis to keep that physical and emotional connection alive. It helps build that tenderness that can disappear with pressures of everyday work.

To have sex takes some bit of planning, although not all the time. But to cuddle, you can do anywhere – watching tv together or listening to music or some tender action in the kitchen. The idea isn’t to get hot and heavy but to tell your partner that I care, that I still want you and am so happy that you are in my life. These feelings do more to put couples on the path to great sex.

Finally having sex isn’t just about doing it, but also how it’s done. Cuddling builds that safe space, both for men and women, where they can build trust and share their private self without fear and judgment with each other. And where there is no fear and judgment, there are infinite possibilities. And don’t forget to try some romantic products to up your romance game.

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