How to Handle a Breakup with Grace – 10 Do’s and 5 Don’ts

Somnath Kamble Feb 25 2019 at 6:02 AM

Breakups can be hard on all of us. Even if they are done mutually or in a heart-breaking way, in some way or the other it does affect us a lot. Some can even turn on their crazy side and do things which they might later regret. Not all breakups are mutual, it takes a lot of time to come back to reality and let go of the person you have invested your time and efforts in. Confused! how to handle a breakup? here is a list of things which you could do and a list which you shouldn’t.

The Do’s

1. Block them
We know it sounds extremely childish and naïve, but it is truly a step which you will later realize as a life saver. Block your ex from all social media places like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp if required. Just deal with the fact that they are out of your life and stalking them in social media won’t do you any good, it would just stop you from moving on and be the person you were. In fact, stay away from social media, overall so that you don’t snap to your emotional side and post something that you might regret later.

Block them

2. Create an ex-free environment
Yes, we know how much you love that teddy they gifted you but now it’s time to let it go. As a part of moving on, one must always throw away what their ex gifted them as keeping them insight can bring a lot of memories and can make you relapse to your crazy bitch side which is certainly not good for you. If you cannot just throw it all away, give it all to some charity and do some good to the people who cannot afford them.


3. Work through your issues
Talking to your friends is the best option here. Ask them what negative changes the relationship has brought in your life and try to work on them by being your old self. Bring out your anger in a creative form, write or draw or do some activity which could channel that anger in some creative and productive form. Burying all the grief inside you is not a healthy way to deal with it. Bring out what you feel and talk to the people around you.

Work through your issues

4. Take your breakup positively
It’s hard to understand a thing, we know but there is always a positive side to things. Take this relationship as a learning experience. Talk to your friends about their opinion about your past relationship, listen to what they have to say and work on your mistakes so that your future relationships don’t go south, and you can work it through as you have gained experience.


5. Focus on your qualities
While getting over a breakup is really tough, indulge yourself in doing something that you love the most. Don’t stay idle as this would bring up all the thoughts that you are trying to push away. Keep yourself busy, as they say, an idle mind is devil’s home. By focusing on your qualities, you will enhance those skills and who knows might even be the best at it if given more time.

Focus on your qualities

6. Stay away from your ex
Supposedly if you are invited to a party by a mutual friend of yours, stay at home! Seeing your ex can bring about a lot of feelings which shouldn’t be overpowering you at the moment. Seeing them face to face can also bring your crazy side out and that can be really harmful. Call your friends over, talk to them, eat your heart out and you can even go on a vacation. But stay away from your ex.


7. Rediscover yourself
Try doing new things which you never thought you could do, surprise yourself. Revamp your wardrobe or even better get a new look for yourself. Go to your salon and get a new haircut, this will not only give you a different outer look but also make you feel different and good in the inside and yes you will definitely feel that you are moving on.


8. Be patient
If your ex texts you a “hi” don’t get too hyper and jump to conclusions immediately. If it’s not okay with you to talk to your ex yet, then just don’t reply. Checking up on each other is a good thing but only after a certain time. Coming in contact immediately can make things worse and you might want to go back to them, but you must always remember that it ended for a reason and you guys are not meant to be. Talk to them when you know you are ready.


9. Get a routine
Having a fixed routine in your life can help you stay put together at all times. Get up early, exercise, this is where you can take out all your filled-up rage and anger. Indulge yourself in your work and household chores. Spend some quality time with your family and friends and also sleep early. Getting into a particular routine won’t up any devilish thoughts in your head.

Get a routine

10 Rely on your friends
They have seen you while you were in a relationship and also when you were single. They know you the best. Spend time with them, have a break-up party, not asking you to enjoy it but you can most certainly grieve. They are always going to be there to support you no matter what.


The Don’ts

1. Stay away from addiction
Never ever get addicted to drugs or alcohol while going through a break-up. It’s hard on everyone but engaging yourself in addiction is not the way out. It’s just going to ruin your health and who knows might even ruin you. Alcohol and drugs can certainly make you forget things but the after effects are not very good either.

Stay away from addiction

2. Never be a scheming bitch
It’s really not healthy to get back with your ex just by scheming something and being a perfect bitch. Let it go! Breakups happen for a reason and understand that reason. Don’t be a spoiled brat and be the kind of person who gets what they want. They are not a commodity to have, let them go and focus in your life.


3. Never bury your feelings
You feeling bad after your breakup, cry it out, talk to your loved ones but never keep your feelings buried till they rot your soul and make you a horrific bitch. Let your feelings out the way you want to. Burn things in anger or maybe throw or break things but never ever keep them buried.


4. Don’t move on too quickly
It’s hard for everyone to stay alone after being in a relationship but also moving quickly is not an option. It’s like ripping away your bandage before the wound is healed. Take your sweet little time to move on, the right person will understand this fact and will definitely wait for you.


5. Never talk too much about how horrible your ex was
Yeah, you read it right! It’s a big no. It just shows that you are still hung up on them. By talking about your ex continuously and in a shitty way, the perspective of the person sitting in front of you is going to change about you and not your ex. Have some self-respect the be the good person that you are. Try to avoid going into that dark space.


Breakups are really hard and heartbreaking but considering all those things can make it easy and smooth, having your loved ones by your side is always an advantage because if nothing works, they will always be the ones to get you out of your depressed side to the person you are.


After overcoming from breakup jinx, you will feel full of joy & fun in your life. Which may you have missed in recent past days? You still enjoy the same pleasure & fun with You can bring some amazing naughty toys to celebrate single-hood.

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