How to satisfy a man when you are on Top? – Tips for Woman on Top

Somnath Kamble May 22 2019 at 11:01 AM

Have you ever thought about how much pressure your man bears? After that, he is under a constant pressure whether he would be able to satisfy you on bed or not. Don’t you think that your man deserves better? And evidently, it has been proved that woman on top position is better than any other sex position. You ask why?

The answer to your question is that woman has the dominant power when she is on top. She can control the speed, angle of penetration and the intensity with which she loves sex. In this position, a woman’s clitoris and breasts are easily accessible by the male counterpart. A survey states that majority of women love this position and love it when they are being stroked at regular intervals. Remember when you take control of something as sensual as sex, it is bound to come out even more hot.

At times, the on-top position might not work for women. It might be the angle or something different. in this case, ladies can move their body forward and backward slowly like a camel ride. Trying out left and right movement can also help. Basically, you will see some change in stimulation eventually else you can always improvise!

There are chances that your man might want to go deeper. It is not a problem until you feel uncomfortable. In which case, you can lie forward and move your hands up imitating missionary position. It might not work for the first time, but the fun is in developing your own ways to make the position sensual and arousing for your man as well as you!

Remember this sex position is not tricky if you are straddling on your man’s chest and he is lying on his back with an erect penis. You can try different ways like facing towards his face or showing your back! However, men find the former one more sensual because they love to see your face while you enjoy the act! Also, while you face backwards, men face the problem of a bent penis. In worst case he might not be able to insert his penis in you! That is something not at all sexy.

Now, you are on top of your man, and you want to satisfy him. But how that is the question! Worry not -

Here are ways to satisfy your man by going step-by-step:

1. Stimulate the philtrum

No, this has nothing to do with the medieval name of that sex toy! Philtrum is the small groove above the upper lip. It is considered to be an erotic zone. The word philtrum is the Latin word for love potion! For stimulating his hormones, try a soft kiss on this area before you take your tongue to lick this area before meeting his upper lip.


2. Use your body to the fullest

Okay we don’t need to tell you this, but a good sex always starts with a steamy kiss. While you do that, push him to lie down and sit over him with your knees down and legs on either side. You can hold the bed or his chest for grip. After that, lift your body slightly and lean forward. Take his hand and guide him to enter in you. Remember when you are on top, you are the guide and you can try different poses. Don’t forget to ask how he feels, at regular intervals.

Also, for making things more sensual, keep your hands or elbow above his head and pull your body towards him. It will make him prone to kiss you. After that, you can tease him by leaning back by your arms while face forward. It is a major turn-on for both partners involved.

If you want to feel his warmth; sit up, pull his shoulders towards you while you wrap your legs around his waist. Don’t forget about your torsos meeting! This can be just the moment of making out as it is really seductive. You are facing your man now and you can hug gradually with your arms. This will develop a feeling of belonging in him as you are the closest to him at that moment. If you want him to last long, this might be your best position. In this position the bodies of both partners are inter-twined which maintains stamina of man or both.


3. Search your motion

Now that you are comfortably sitting on him, it’s time to add some music. Not the literal music, but the motion that will make him groan in your arms. You can try moving your hips in a circular motion. This motion can be termed as the pre-motion for finding the best angle for penetration. In this way, he can feel your vaginal walls. If you try to sway back and forth combined with occasional bouncing, it will make him easier to find your clitoris. Remember a man is more turned on when he sees his partner fully aroused. When you are feeling him inside pushing through your clitoris, nothing can be more sensual than it. You can also put a pillow below him for making him comfortable while he penetrates you from below. There’s a simple technique for this is that the woman must sit straight up and rub him all along. Don’t forget to keep your legs together for tightening the grip. This will help him in achieving better stimulation for his genitalia. If you keep your legs separated, he might struggle to go deep and eventually turn off.


4. It’s your work, but don’t do it alone

Remember, your partner can enjoy only when he is active. You don’t have to drive your way to the destination. He too can lend a hand or two! You can suggest him to move his knees when they start feeling senseless. He can also do some lovemaking movements to make the activity less monotonous. He can grab your butt and pull you forward and backward when you are tired of thrusting continuously. Mostly, men never want to sit idle while they are having sex!

You can also try to grind your groins for gaining momentum. In this you will do the work without any exhaustion. Try this as a seesaw position when he thrusts his pelvis up and you push it down. And the process goes on. It will give rise to a friction that will stimulate your clitoris and excite both of your like anything! It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it synchronously. What matter is his satisfaction and your fun!


5. Try being a little improper and naughty

While trying out on-top position, you are more revealing for trying out any kind of experimentation. This opportunity must not be wasted. Let your man touch you. Let him thrust your clitoris and punish you as much as he can. It can cause some serious orgasms on both the sides. If you want to add heat to things, you can hold his hands and guide him how you want things to be done. It might give you and your man a climax you never achieved. Just a little bit of improvisation is all you need.


6. Get your best friend

No, we are not talking about having a threesome! You can always try including your vibrator for spicing things up. In this position, it might be difficult to adjust your toy! However, where there is a will, there is a way! While you are on his top, leaning forwards, there is no room for adjustment. That’s when your back facing position helps. It is often called reverse cowgirl position. Just lean back and do a little spin. Voila! There you go with your best friend and it will definitely make your man chew his lips with eroticism.


With that we come to end on how to satisfy your man when you are riding him. The key to good intercourse is better understanding and cooperation. You won’t like it if you made all the efforts for making him groan and he did nothing. It is vice versa. Men’s sexual needs are simple and different, but they need to be addressed effectively.

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