My sex story- He made me fall for him in the most dirty way!

Aleena Jan 31 2018 at 8:24 AM

I take up my hair into a high ponytail and secure it there ready to take on another busy day. I take another look at myself and the stars on my black T-shirt really do brighten up my mood. Who knew a tee on a sale could do that. As my eyes go down, I mentally take a note of restarting squats. Damn girl you need them ! Although I think back to yesterday when I wore yoga pants an it looked great on me. It brought out each and every curve from my hips till down till my ankles. Damn yoga pants you get my hopes up high.

I promise to have one last look and leave my room.But alas, fashion magazines have messed up my mind with their never-ending fashion ideas. I have one last struggle with myself over my hairstyle and finally decide to settle for  a loose messy bun with some leftover hair strands teasing my ears. Yeah, I know I really need to start being more decisive about things. My internship was going smooth and interesting. I was interning as a junior advertising copywriter in a small firm which held great potential to explode in the market. It was something that made me feel alive, which by the way happens way lesser than you are imagining right now. While stepping out of my home (finally!!) I scroll through the annoying notifications my phone had. No, I was not interested in the 25th vlog this vlogger dropped on Youtube or what this personality tweeted about the trending issue. I clear them all and move towards my daily dose of creativity. Something about reading a nonfiction paragraph everyday and exercising my mind to the productivity apps from playstore gets me motivated for the day.

I reach my office and there’s already compliments pouring in for my chic look and I can’t have anymore positivity into my body. I was just loving the way had started and just then my eyes land on him. My arch nemesis from work. Although we have nothing out in the open but I hate that man.  He’s an attention-seeking kid who proudly rides on his genetic gold mine. Shawn had the attention of the entire office sometimes for work reasons and some due to his attractive looks. Shawn had a lean body with isn’t too muscular to be off-putting and his mind was as sharp as a diamond. He knew the tricks of the trade right and I could feel him enjoying the attention from girls . Girls would gush about how sexually attractive he was but I could never visualize him in that way.


I check my alarm and it’s time for me to shoot a text to the love of my life- my mom. She has always complained of me forgetting her since I have moved here for work. And since then this stupid son of her keeps an alarm to be notified in the morning. I quickly type “good morning gorgeous” and send away. Mom is still a little kid deep down who loves being getting dressed up and receiving compliments. And I love pampering and spoiling her over the distance. There isn’t much I expect from my life. I just wish to make my parents proud of me and for them I wanna reach heights. I quickly got ready and left for work.

I meet supriya in the lift and she is talking to me as enthusiastically as ever. She has always expressed fondness for my name. But so much adoration just for a name? And  that too Shawn? I thought to myself I’ll fail to understand these girls till the end of time. I walk into the office premises and my eyes land on the one girl who behaves completely different around me than these girls. She always seems to give me that cold stare. She’s wearing a messy hair bun today and God how I wish she knew how much that thing turns me on. But like she has always been, she makes an eye contact with me with a poker face and turn awas. Only if I could tell her , she should smile more often AND THAT…..

and that……….. I would marry her one day.


Shawn walks into his chamber and me into mine. I haven’t been romantically involved with anyone because I have always been too focused on my work. I love what I do and there’s nothing else I would do other than this. Maybe there is a part of me that feels Shawn is a good-natured person who has never been given a chance. But the way girls react around him makes me strongly repel him.

All these thoughts were revolving in my mind and I did not realize that it was almost lunch time. I walked up to the buffet and Shawn comes and stands right besides me helping himself with the food. That was the closest we both had ever stood. After two servings of rice, Shawn utters “Like seriously, why the hell was Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue”.


I could not get her messy bun out of my head the entire morning at work. I bumped into her again during lunch and this time I couldn’t hold myself back. She was a deadly combination of red lips and curvy hips. Somehow gathering up courage I walked up to her and smoothly slipped out a recent issue Vogue was facing, which thanks to my mom I knew every detail of.


I was shaken to say the least. A man with the latest updates in fashion? Like really? I lifted my eyes and observed him for the first time. And to be honest even I couldn’t resist observing his body more than him. He wore a crisp brown shirt and beige pants with sleeves rolled up to his elbow. His manly veins were on full display, a terrific feast to the eyes! I would be lying if I didn’t feel like grabbing him and placing his hands over my body in a tight grasp on my hips.


We were outside his door after days of clever conversations back and forth and 2 freaky nights at his place. We finally acknowledged the sexual tension between us and that resisting it was hard, damn hard. Shawn is fiddling with the keys in his hands and says “Damn I had a busy day and I am still pumped up for something….something well mischievous”. The smile that played on his lips was teasing my areas like never before. I could only muster up an “ooooohhh” at that point of time. And like Shawn is, he replies back saying “Your ooooohhhh is gonna be much longer and intense when I do things to you behind this door you know” . With that he manages to finally unlock the door.

“Well in other times I am a gentleman and let the lady go first. But here I am gonna be selfish and make the first move because I just can’t wait”  Shawn says.


She stands right in front of me…. at my place….for me to own….. for me to cherish. The day I have been imagining since I started working for this company. Her lips have gone tender with the chilled AC in the room. I am tempted to say “Look at those lips. Men might be dying to kiss these” . I slam my lips against hers with my hands still not touching her and hanging on the sides. I want her to have the best sexual time of her life. She stops and quivers “I really hope I am catching up the pace” .

“Catching up the pace?” “Darling you are fucking amazing. Enough talking now, let me enjoy you against the wall”


I didn’t even register that sentence properly and I was pushed to nearest wall with Shawn’s tough body pressuring over mine. His hands slide to my back and down to my ass. He breaks the kiss and crawls to my neck and whispers “Damn that ass. So firm and juicy”. I let out a moan as he squeezes my ass with his muscular hands. He brings his hands up to my waist and hold a firm grip over me. He moves his hands up and down my back feeling my body. Through my sundress I could feel his hardness against me and it felt so inviting !

With one quick move, Shawn turns me around and starts rubbing his manhood against my ass and moans deeply into my ears. He asks in heavy voice “Are you loving my dick baby”? . Instead of answering him plainly I take his hands and place them on my boobs signalling him to go on with it. Shawn wastes no time in grabbing them and giving them a nice squeeze. I moan “yessssss baby” . Then with my free hand I reach out to his zip feeling for his pants and unbuttons them. His dick pops out like a monster and I am surprised by how warm it feels in my hand.

Shawn continues squeezing my boobs hard and licking the back of my neck while I fondle with his dick in my hands. I am moaning his name so hard as he tightens his grips on my boobs and destroys my neck my kissing, licking and sucking on it. Then slowly he lifts up my sundress with one hand and starts feeling my thighs. His fingers roam inside my inner thighs ever so lightly. It is teasing me so bad. He takes his dick and thrusts into me from the back. I love how he did it slow and firmly. He holds my hips tightly and enters me. I cannot resist but moan “Ohhhhhh Shawn”.


She turns around as gracefully as she is and says in the most sultry voice “Don’t let my pussy have all the fun. Let my mouth experience the joy as well”. I can feel the dirty girl erupting from her and God I love it! She drops to her knees and looks up at me , right in the eyes. I love how fiery this girl is! She takes all her hair on one side and drops her dress straps to make sure I get a good sexy view of her body while she’s sucking the life out of me. She pops my dick in her mouth in one swift go and moans like it’s the best thing she has ever tasted. She takes my dick so inside her mouth that it makes her gag but the gagging doesn’t slow her down. That’s classic her, not giving up at any challenge. She gags one last time and takes my cock so right in that her tongue licks my balls in the hottest manner!! She made sure she’s moaning and giving me a nice view of her naked body all throughout.


Shawn carries me and drop me on the bed and says “You are so gonna be fucked hard”.

“Don’t just fuck me, make sure I remember this for life. Make sure I am sore at the end of this”, I replied.

He starts at my toes which are all curled up with my arousal. He kisses and sucks on my skin with the hottest breath ever. The closer he inches, the wetter I get in my pussy. He moves towards my thighs and bites me so hard that I let out a loud moan. As he gets closer to my vagina, I cannot take it anymore and grab him by his hair to take hold of the pleasure. But alas I couldn’t.

Shawn doesn’t stop having his way with my pussy. He sticks his tongue to the end of my pussy and licks it smoothly on his way up. He licks fast and slows down and then again goes faster licking like a hungry pup and I increase my grip on his hair. With his hands, he held my nipples and began massaging them between his fingers. I started biting my lips heavily than before. He comes up and kisses my boobs. Looks up to me and says “Do you realize how long I have been craving for these melons” I reply “These melons are all yours”.

He lifts his pelvis and thrusts his dick into my pussy and grunts “All mine”!


Even after a night of non-stop intense pleasure we do not stop with our silly banter. “You are one hell of a bomb you know” Shawn shoots a text my way in the office.

“Well I may be a bomb, but eventually you exploded, remember? *wink*” I respond back.

“I am ready to explode again for you. Your eyes are giving me all the dirty thoughts” He flirted.

“I may have been intense with my eyes but you were fucking me not only with your 6 inches. But with your mouth as well. I can still feel your tongue there. Just promise to thrust me harder and deeper and……”

“And let me guess….Kill your moans with my kiss?”

“Done, we are on!”

I shoot the last text and return back to crafting perfectly catchy taglines for advertisements.

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