Is she The One…….Signs universe won’t show you

Aleena Aug 13 2018 at 12:44 PM

She’s quirky,

She’s pretty,

She’s even considerate to your volatile moods

But is she really a “keeper”…..?

You may have had an elaborate crush on the power ranger girls or the powerpuff trio when you were a kid but as you grow up you realize there’s so much more to the girl you will marry than those fickle tinder dates you painted the town red with.

At times you can picture your date pouring cereals in the bowl behind your breakfast counter; at times it seems a lot of hard work and you wanna get away from the relationship the very next second.

With these ever changing thoughts our selectively penned down checklist will give you the much needed clarity into the choice of girl walking down the aisle for you…….

1. She is Fire and Ice

She has those fiery, lit-up eyes when she talks about things she’s passionate about and at the same time she melts in empathy at the sight of an orphaned kid.

That’s the sign of a lady with substance. She’s the one who can help you overcome tough times effortlessly.

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2. Your conversations ain’t killed by “k”

She doesn’t necessarily have to complete your unfinished sentences however she should be able to “hold” a conversation with you.

And smartly so, she should be able to intrigue you with every text she sends with sentence she utters.

If your chat window looks like a free flow of thoughts and not filled with hiccup-drowned “k” s you know this is the girl.

3. She calls you first thing in the morning


Nah that`s a cliche (can be signs of psychotic behavior too) .

You being the first and the last thing on her mind isn’t really a sure shot sign.

Instead if she calls you when her boss is being a jerk that’s when you know it.

It shows her confidence in you and the ease in your communication where she is free to crib about her boss with you.

You guys, that’s real comfort.

4. You’re her first choice

Whether she sees her greatest fears, which is seeing a dog heading towards her or when she is upset and confused and doesn’t bother to go through her contact list but instead speed dials your number and tells you what is she going through.

From the dumbest cute things to the serious walks of life, she shares each and everything with you.

5. She’s herself when she’s with you

She doesn’t care whether she’s in her shorts and a tank top or jeans and shirt when she’s with you. She’s herself and a comfort zone is established between you two.

A girl will always try to dress and groom herself fabulously when she’s with her friends or anywhere out for that matter.

Yeah, when a girl likes a guy she does her best to look good but when time flies she realizes come on “He’s mine and he knows me and he loves me for what I am”

That’s when she starts being herself and decks herself casually.

So guys keep your eyes open when the girl you like feels free to wear whatever her heart desires.

6. She plans an all boy’s night

Okay maybe this one is a bit unrealistic but hey if your girl even thinks of doing that MARRY HER!!!!

This shows how secure she is in this relationship and really and terribly cares for your “guy” needs.

She`s giving you your deserved “space”…you just cannot miss this one.

7. She has countless sides

(*And you love each one*)

Let`s admit it….As bunny rightly says “guys need variety” …Your girl shouldn’t be the pajama party Sephora girl all the time.

If she can make a swift transition from reckless trousers to a drop-dead-gorgeous satin dress you just know you are never gonna get tired of it

Keep the girl who isn’t worried of her blow dried hair for a game of volley in the pool…Just KEEP HER.

8. You believe in things together


Her feminist idea doesn’t have to match yours unless you both share a similar moral grounding.

If you both can converse comfortably regarding sensitive issues like religion, family planning, financial investments without breaking into a heated argument ….you are good to go.

9. Girl rivalries? What`s that?

If your girl is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t freak out when a hot girl passes by your dinner table…you know it`s her.

This kind of girl is going to be in a happy place.

10. She makes you a better man

This goes without saying….Unless she makes a difference to your life the preceding points do not hold any value.

She should be the one reprimanding you when you bribe the traffic police or when you cheated your diet for something unhealthy

She should be the one motivating you towards a “better version of you” and most importantly a more humane version.

So guys even if you notice a few points practically in action you just know…

“In a world full of Janices ,You have found your Monica”


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