LGBT 101-Questions about LGBT you wanted to ask!

Aleena Sep 17 2018 at 11:58 AM

What is LGBT?

LGBT stands for……

L- Lesbian
Lesbian is a woman who has romantic, sexual or emotional feelings towards another woman.Instead of a man, they may feel connected to a woman and wish to have sexual relations with them.

G- Gay

Like woman and woman can feel a connect towards each other. Gay is a term for those men who feels romantic, sexual or emotional feelings towards another man.

B- Bisexual

Bisexual is a term given to those people who feels romantic, sexual or romantic feeling to both man and woman.


Transgenders are people who are born with a gender they feel like they are not. For example, a guy born a man may feel like he’s a woman and he likes to be a woman and vice versa.

Still confused? These are all the sexual orientations of a person.


What is sexual orientation?

In simple terms, sexual orientation is all about,

1) Who you get attracted to,


2) Who you want form a connection or bond with.

It should not be confused with gender identity,

Gender identity is who you are yourself and NOT who you are attracted to. The term Queer comes under gender identity.

How can you find out if a person is lesbian, gay or bisexual?

Simple answer, there’s no way to find that out. So give your curious eyes some rest.

You can’t look at a person and judge their sexual orientation and what gender they are interested in.

It’s more about the feelings than about outer appearance, behavior and mannerisms.

So the only way you can come to know about it, is if the person upfrontly tells you so.

What is the reason behind people choosing to become a part of LGBT?

There is no one particular reason why people are attracted to the same sex. Although research and studies say that hormonal and social influences change the way a person feels about someone. In this case, another person of the same gender.

Is it a mental disorder?

No at all !


Indian mentality upholds that any person who’s a gay is mentally ill and needs to be treated!

We at, detest such mentality!

Lesbian, gay and bisexual relationships are absolutely normal form of human bonding. These people are completely in their right state of mind when they choose what they want from their lives.

Being India’s largest sexual wellness store, ThatsPersonal stands in full support of LGBT community and gives them a safe place to explore their sexuality in a clean, confident and fun manner.

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