Sex with South Indian Bhabhi in the Wedding- Indian sex story [Part 2]

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I couldn’t see her till next day afternoon. She looked so beautiful in the sandal colour kerala saree with green colour blouse. My friend had arranged a party in the hotel, so we all went to the hotel to attend the party. He also booked some rooms in the hotel to stay in the night. I dressed up in white shirt with red chinos.

Like most people, I own dslr and I carried it to the party hall. As soon as I entered I saw sagundhala. She was dressed in red and creamy white mixed emblazoned saree which covered her blouse but good enough to show her cleavage. Her saree covered her navel but showed enormous amount of her belly skin. She looked absolutely stunning and seductive. I wanted to grab her boobs and suck her nipples so badly. But I controlled myself.

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I went to her and complimented her,

“You look so beautiful, stunning and …”.

She asked me earnestly,

“ and.. say that”.

“You look so sexy!”

She blushed and then thanked me.

She said,

“You look handsome in this white shirt”.

I thanked her. She turned her back and started to walk. There I noticed her blouse was almost backless. Just two strings of thin threads covered her back and I could see her back completely till her butt crack.

She looked like Aphrodite came down to punish me with her voluptuous sexy body for my previous birth sins. I followed her and entered the party hall. One by one came up to the stage and said some nice and funny things about my friend.

During my speech, Sagu was looking at me as if she was gonna swallow me. Then the dance started. Everyone started to dance on the dance floor. She danced like a peacock. It was so amazing and I completely fell for her. I clicked photos using my dslr. She took a break and I approached her to compliment her dance moves and also to show her some pictures.

“Your dance moves were so groovy and cool. That was amazing”.  

She smiled,

“Thanks. I saw that you were clicking photos. Show them”.

Looking at the photos she said,

“I like those photos. Those are good but lots of people are in the background. I want some solo photos. Shall we go out of this place to click photos?”

This was the moment I was waiting for. We went out of the hall and went to a near lobby where there was an empty space with nice background. She started giving poses. Those poses were so seductive. In one of the poses, she showed her back but turned her head to the front with a seductive look. Her side boobs, small belly and her back side were visible.

Above all of them the expression on her face and eyes were so seductive and that gave me a hard on. The bulge in my pant made it’s appearance. I looked away from viewfinder and went closer to show her the photo I just clicked. My right shoulder was rubbing against her left shoulder and I leaned closer to her to say,

“You look amazing in this photo. Your poses were awesome. You look so good and…”

She said with same eagerness,

“and… go on”.  

I said,

“Your expression was awesome. It looks like you are horny.”

I expected a laugh or blush reaction from her but I didn’t expect even in my dreams that she would say the sentence that I was hoping to hear.

She said,

“Yes, I am.”

Upon hearing that, I moved closer to her and kissed her lips. No reaction from her, but more importantly no rejection from her.

I moved closer and held her in my arms and started to kiss her lips very passionately. Her lips felt like jelly in my mouth; soft, sweet and tasty. I kissed her lips with more fire burning inside my body.

While kissing I hovered my right hand on her back, ass and boobs. I grabbed her boobs and started pressing them while kissing her lips. It felt like I am holding a football as her big boobs were even more enlarged now.

Then I kissed her entire face and moved down to kiss her neck. I love kissing a girl’s neck as it turns them on a lot. I licked her ear lobes and slowly kissed them. I moved further down to kiss her boobs.

I sucked her boobs with her clothes on and then moved down to her belly. I nibbled her busty stomach. I could hear her breathing hard and moaning. I loved that sound. I licked her navel and my hands were pressing her boobs at the same time. I came up and then started to kiss her lips again.

This time she puts her hands inside my shirt to hover around my back and then started to kiss on my face. She kissed my chest and then moved up to kiss my neck and then my ear lobes. She was getting naughty and I decided to take it to next level. Like an ad break in the last over of the match, someone came out of the party hall. We stopped kissing and started to act normal. I took my camera and started showing her photos. But we kept some distance between us. Ashwin came and spotted me,

“Bro, you are here. Come to the party hall to click photos.”

I left the place reluctantly and saw disappointment in her eyes too. We all went inside the hall and she started to dance. I clicked some photos, talked to her and got her phone number. After some time, party was over and then everyone left to their hotel rooms.

Luckily my friend has booked one single bed room in the hotel. I took it. I went to my room and then called her. She cut my call but she texted me immediately. She said she cut the call because three more ladies were staying in her room. I wanted to fuck her, so I called her to my room.

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