Sex with South Indian Bhabhi in the Wedding- Indian sex story [Part 3]

Aleena Nov 17 2017 at 10:24 AM

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She knocked on my room door. She was wearing a long skirt with a pretty top. I pulled her inside and started kissing her again.  While kissing her I said,

“You know what, I was waiting for this moment since the moment I saw you. I wanna fuck you babe, very badly”.

She smiled and then said,

 “I wanted to experience this!”

 “Experience what?”

“I fantasized about getting fucked by strong, young guy like you. My husband is so orthodox he never allows me to express myself in the bed. I licked your ear lobes, is that ok?”

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“Babe, I am your lover. Make love to me. I loved the way you licked and played with my earlobes and chest. It was tickling and gave me sexual pleasure. Don’t control yourself, Sagu! Let your desires be free tonight.”

She smiled and then started to kiss me all over my face. We kissed very passionately. I moved down to kiss her boobs. I removed her top. She was wearing same red colour bra we purchased yesterday. I unhooked her bra and treated my eyes to her big milky boobs. I sucked one boob and pressed another one.

I continued this for some time, her boobs got enlarged and her nipples were erected now. I nibbled her nipple and then pinched one of her nipples. She gave a loud moan. My dick was so hard that it was trying to come out of my pyjamas through my underwear.

I moved down further to her navel. I licked it and then kissed her belly. Then I removed her skirt, she was wearing red colour panty. I kissed her pussy with her panty on. I lowered her panty, and got really excited seeing her clean shaven pussy. I kissed her wet pussy lips. That must have sent sudden electric waves inside her body.

She jerked and then grabbed my hairs.

“Is it first time someone sucking your pussy?”

“Yeah, he has never done that.”

“You are gonna have lots of fun, babe!”

I made her stand and I knelt down. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and slowly inserted my fingers to make an opening. I finger fucked her and simultaneously sucked her pussy lips. Her moans grew louder and louder. She couldn’t stand, her legs were shaking. She grabbed my hair harder,

“Deegee, I wanna lie down. I can’t stand.”

“No babe, u should not. Just stand and enjoy this fun.”

I increased my pace. Her grip on my hairs increased and then moans became louder. She grabbed her right boob in one hand and jerked her head backwards, leaning against the wall. Her legs started shaking more now; it looked like she is going to collapse. She whispered,

“Mama, I can’t take it anymore. I am gonna lie down, Deegee!”

I stopped sucking her pussy and kissed her silky thighs.

I slowly kissed her thighs and then moved up to her lips. Again we kissed very passionately with our hands searching vigorously for some invisible thing in our bodies. She removed my t-shirt and kissed my neck, chest and sucked my nipples. She bit my nipple and then pulled my chest hair. It gave me a trickling sensation.

My dick was getting harder and harder now. She kneeled and pulled down my pyjama and underwear. She saw my erect 6” rod and gave a naughty smile. That smile said that I am gonna get back what I gave to her. Her left hand was holding my cock base and then her right hand was on my thigh.

She kissed the head of my dick and using her tongue she made a swirl around it. A burning sensation grew inside me. She sucked my cock like she was eating an ice cream. When my dick was inside her mouth, it felt like fire and ice.

“Sagu, look at me.”  

She looked at me while sucking my cock. It was so good and when I was nearing my climax. I grabbed her head and lifted her up. I took out the condom and asked her to put it on. She did it. I kissed her again.

I caressed her cheeks and kissed her forehead. I wanted to fuck her very badly but at the same time, I wanted both of us to enjoy the sex. I made her lie down on bed. I inserted my dick inside her pussy. It went inside smoothly as her pussy was wet like an umbrella in rain. I fucked her in medium pace, so that I wouldn’t finish this one soon like my masturbation yesterday.

For every stroke of mine, she moaned and her boobs juggled. It was a sight to behold. I planted my hands on the bed and leaned forward to kiss her lips. While kissing she grabbed my ass and moved my ass to fuck her.

And yet again, she licked my ear lobes. With my lower body fucking her pussy, I parted her lips. I put my saliva near my mouth and made it to dribble down to her mouth. She swallowed it.

I kissed on her boobs and then steadily increased my pace. With that her moaning also increased. I looked at her, head leaned back, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, hands groping her own body.

That scene told me that she is enjoying the moment satisfactorily. What more a guy wants? Now my pace was in top gear as I rammed her pussy. My thighs were crushing against her body and that made a huge sound.

I liked the way she called out my name,

“Deeeeeeeegeeeeeee, yeaaahhhhhh! Like that. Keep doing it!”.

Her hands were close to her lips and then I was nearing my climax. I rammed her pussy so hard and cummed inside her. I kissed her again and then pulled out my dick. I removed the condom and asked her,

“Wanna taste it?”.

Without any hesitation, she sucked my dick. She cleaned my cum on dick and replaced it with her saliva. I fucked her two more times and every time the sex was amazing as we both were talking and playing with each other during sex.

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  • Ajay

    Fuck in Hindi


    Seems like you guys enjoyed a lot. I can feel like all the things happened right in front of me.

    • Haha yes we did !
      Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more.
      Team ThatsPersonal.

  • Sam

    Enjoyed and felt the moans

    • We did too. *wink*
      Team ThatsPersonal

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