I was at home longing and desperate…..

Aleena Jul 25 2018 at 6:28 AM

It was his idea to book a vibrator that day. I wasn’t so sure. Being raised up in an Indian household, one of the things I thought I would never do was use a sex toy.

Hearing my friends gushing about its power definitely piqued my interest and I didn’t stop him from buying that vibrator that day. He was beyond excited to use it once it arrives.

The night we used it opened up a whole new dimension in our sex life of 3 years.

Weeks and months passed with this essential piece of toy that takes satisfying and pleasure to a whole new level. Our sex life was at its peak with the vibrator introduced in our lives.

The nights were wild but the day was quite the opposite. My husband as usual was dealing with his clients in this office and I was at home longing and desperate to experience that sort of pleasure.

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My body was pleading and desperately in need of it. I then took the vibrator and turned on it on to its first pace. And placed it over my pajamas. As soon as it touched my skin, tension struck and at the same time it felt good. I started to move it around my vagina which just added to the hysterical feeling.

I was getting wet already and wanted more of it, more of this.  

I moved the vibrator inside my pgs. And I couldn’t stop but give in to the gushing pleasure I was experiencing. My clit was exposed to the vibrator and I was going insane. And this “insanity” I loved it.

The milkman rang the bill thrice to which I gave a deaf ear. I didn’t want this to end. My moans were getting deeper and intense. And truthfully I loved the way I was getting lost in the pleasure. ALAS!! I let go and orgasmed.

Breathing hard and digesting everything that I had just experienced, everything my body had just experienced got me thinking what and how would my husband react and do if I did this. He would definitely love and surely that would turn him on. Thinking all of this I closed my eyes and cherished the pleasure.

The next day as soon as Mr. Hubby left and was on his way to his office, I sent him a text,

“Hey Hubby, keep yourself free at 3pm. Trust me you wouldn’t wanna miss it;)”

It was time. I got into to something comfy and was ready with my good old “vibe”

He started with a “Hey babe, I am here at your service. Your wish is my command”

With a blush on my face I replied “and my body is yours to own and handle”

I sent him a pic of the vibrator placed on my vagina over my shorts.

He was taken aback and loved what he saw. The sexting began and so did the vibrator’s legacy. With each text I could tell that he was unbelievably turned on and I was effing wet..

It was too much too take and with the ecstasy I turned the vibrator to its highest and inserted it in me.

It shook me inside out and took my soul outta my body and I was so damn okay with it.

The sexting had to end as he had to go on another meeting. Before leaving he sent me one last text to complete our sexting session which said,

“Tonight you me and the vibrator are going to have a gangbang. I don’t know about the vibrator but I’m fucking the life outta ya”

I read it and replied,


I threw the phone aside and thrusting the vibrator on its highest in me.

With every thrust I could tell that i was one step closer to orgasming.  I wanted to orgasm and at the same time I didn’t want to stop the pre orgasmic feeling.

I wanted both and both were like a drug I was addicted to……


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