Sex Story – The monsoon night that satisfied my desires…

Aleena Jun 22 2018 at 5:07 AM

Nothing really seemed right that day. I just wanted to rush home, bury my face in my blanket and grab a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Abhay had played the last card in his deck to what can only be called as a dirty game of power in offices. Things have been really cruel in office since the last couple of days. Groupism had taken over the entire dynamics of the relationships in office and I had been outcasted with no fault of my own.

 A huge blowout took place……a really big one.

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I was emotionally & mentally drained out. There were so many things I could have said….at that point in time. They were playing in my mind….rather they were haunting me.

Even though I was healthy, I felt physically weak…..very very weak. I took my handbag and made my way out of the office. It was quite late. Being the social outcast, I always worked late at night for my peace of mind.

Even though I knew the way to my house, I was walking aimlessly on the road . All their planning and plotting playing through my mind, I was extremely vulnerable at that moment.

Grabbing hold of the reality, I suddenly realized I hadn’t eaten anything since the brawl started at around 4 pm in the evening. By now it had started to pour heavily, it was around 10.30 pm with no food in sight, I just got weaker emotionally and physically.

I was wearing a tank top and a sheer shirt which by now was sticking to the thick curves of my body.

After walking for a while I spotted a burger joint and mentally thanked whoever had planned to open so many branches. I walked in and saw a man in his early twenties welcomingly smile at me. I was way too exhausted for any kind of formality so I jumped straight to the menu. He clearly found it rude according to his expressions. I had no time for that too. So I ordered a large burger and took the far off chair. (Well, honestly it wasn’t so far).

The man once again came and politely asked me if I was alright and without a second look I shooed him away. That was the first time I looked at his body and mhan he was a young, fine lad…much younger than I was.

I wasn’t into younger guys until that moment where he turned back and I could see that his chiseled shoulder were defined through his t-shirt.

I think it was the day’s tiredness taking over me. As he went back and stood at his spot I could not help but take another look at his body. His facial features weren’t way too impressive or anything but his body was……lean and just fine.

He got busy in his work but he left something burning inside of me. I wanted to have him then and there on the ordering table. I went up to him again for a burger and internally wished that my eyes would convey my burning inside.

I grabbed his collar and smashed my lips on his innocent looking dry lips. He stayed still…my hands still on him. One on his collar and one behind his neck. His skin was a rich chocolate brown color while I came from a fair origin. But I was on a bit of a heavier side, reason why I had low self-esteem and no boyfriend.

I don’t know what was holding him back but his reluctance made me pounce on him even harder. With every passing second, the kiss got more intense and it got much harder for him to hold himself back. I was in no mood of stopping……

With my hands going down to his pelvic region, I could clearly see that he was getting turned on. He was trying really hard not to give in.

Neither of us gave up until I guided one of his hand to my boobs and the other hand on my waist. That was the first time he reciprocated the lust and passion.

My hunger and desire of having the burger was long gone, now I wanted to have him on me, underneath me and in me.

I made sure that my tongue had discovered each and every part of his mouth. He gently pushed me against the wall and whispered “There’s a room and a bed in the back” without wasting another second we were in the room. And our clothes were no longer on our bodies.

He explored every inch of my body. I pulled him close and guided his erect dick in me. I began to ride him. With the pace getting faster, I knew that he would ejaculate. I didn’t want it to end………..

I bent to his kissable lips and licked ‘em and stopped riding him. I turned around and began to suck his rod. He didn’t spank me throughout. I didn’t care though, all I knew was I needed some of him in me.

To my surprised he said

“You’re fucking wet and I just can’t let u have all fun”

He spanked me and began to eat me out. We had no intention of stopping. We wanted to take out all the stress outta ourselves, well atleast I wanted to. And that’s why I orgasmed. I was selfish and wanted more. I turned my body around and asked him in a demanding way “fuck me hard.” The thrusting got so much harder and better that I couldn’t get enough of it. He had all the control over me. His hands were on my waist, those hands were always meant to be there I thought in my mind. With the second last thrust he was about to cum.

Since I couldn’t eat the burger. I had him instead.

Just then there was a knock on the door. The chef asking him if the burger  will be consumed or should they just throw it away. We quickly got ready and went as if nothing happened. He reheated the burger for me. And I ate it whole. Paid for the burger and along with it left him a note with my number on it. And I was on my way home. Minutes later i receive a text from an unknown number,

“Thanks for making my night and your welcome for making your day!”

I smiled and reached my place.



  • Dirghayu

    Lucky boy he is,from nowhere he received all the fun he desired but what happened next?

    • You just get lucky some days you know? *wink*
      Stay tuned to our erotic story section to find out what happened next!
      Team ThatsPersonal.

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