To all the men I have dated, here are the mistakes you made in bed

Aleena Sep 5 2018 at 5:36 AM

Okay so here’s it, before your mind runs to any further conclusions…..

I am no slut.

I have had a few meaningful relationships that made me grow as a person and explore the other gender.

Now back to the topic,

I have been physical with all of them, some all the way to sex…..some were only restricted to casual makeouts and kissing.

Here are a few sexual things men in my life did wrong,

1) The one who laid there like a dead body

Okay I get it men are not expressive beings.

You guys don’t express much either through your words or through your body language.

You are not going to arch your back in pleasure or bite your lips when something feels good.

I get it !

But sometimes….just sometimes….you can convey to us what you are feeling in bed with whatever medium you are comfortable with.

Maybe you can hold us tighter, or let out just one low, husky moan…..just something to feel connected!

2) The one with the vagina phobia

I once dated a guy for complete 8 months and never even once had he touched my lady parts.

Forget about sucking my vagina and giving me pleasure, he never went close to it except for penetration.


The interesting thing to note here is that, I always gave him a blowjob.

He insisted on getting pleasured but never thought about my pleasure in bed.

Do not be selfish guys. Just do not!

3) The one who wore no perfume

Okay maybe it’s just me but during sex I crave for some good aroma around. I don’t care if it’s room freshener, flavoured lube or deodorant.

Because I believe sex is a messy process of two sweaty bodies and bodily fluids. Eeks!

So maybe if you guys just put on a subtle, manly cologne it might just stay on your body somewhere till the end of our sex.

4) The one who was obsessed with his penis

Imagine this,

We are right in the middle of a super comfy bed…. surrounded by fluffy cushion….his arms around my waist……my feet are on his feet and we are blissfully cuddling…..and kissing in between.


This guy takes my hands….kisses it…..takes it down and places my hand on his dick. And says,

“Just keep it na there, I like it”.

At that point, I was like “Okay…..”.

A very confusing and weird okay though.

So later I realized, no matter what sexual activity we are doing….he always wants some part of my body on his dick.

Like for example….if we both are lying down and I keep my leg on his stomach…..he would gently push my leg down so that his dick stays between the back of my knees and thigh and get stimulated.

That’s like wanting penis stimulation on another level.


So guys those were creepy mistakes guys in my life made. Make sure you don’t repeat these. Learn from them and create a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

If you any such creepy things guys did in bed, leave them down in the comments section below.

Until then stay tuned for some more fresh sexual incidents of my life only on

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