Wedding night sex tips from an adult products store

Aleena May 31 2019 at 10:34 AM

You have stumbled upon this article after anxiously reading 100 others….and you are probably in a hurry to gather everything possible as quickly as you can before your D-Day.

You are in such a hurry you have no time to read another cliche introduction of an article which tells you how important marriage is in your life. It’s such an important step and it gotta be perfect.

We are going to tell you -


Relax and everything is gonna be just fine.

Now let’s get to the point you are here for-

1. Start with a shared sex story

Share a story that you both agree upon (considering the concept) and read individually. You can start reading before your wedding night too……then discuss what you liked and what you didn’t.

It will be a good way to break the

“ice of naughtiness” and getting intimacy started without feeling awkward.

2. Flirt throughout the day

On the day of your wedding, try to look at each other and give a small smile to each other. This will surely get excitement bursting within you.

If you are seated together, try touching or holding each other’s hand, whoever tries it out, the other person will be surprised and excited.

Don’t miss any chance to look at each other throughout the ceremonies. This will keep you both ready for the coming night.

3. Start your night with an interesting game

No, we are not talking about Antakshari here, not even passing the parcel. And oh yeah, no dumb charades too.

We are talking about naughty adult games here.

Sure we know you must be too tired to indulge in a game and we would heartily suggest you go ahead and fall asleep but if you are not………

Then sexy games will awaken your senses and get you both playing something together.

Check out how one couple tried adult games for a steamier sex life.

If you got inspired you can try them out too, if not on wedding night then on your honeymoon.

Buy adult games safely and discreetly in India here.

4. Flaunt your body

Inside your wedding night, is the place you can let yourself loose and shed out your inhibitions. Yes, we are talking about the dress you will wear.

Did you say Lehenga? But hasn’t everyone in your wedding seen that lehenga? What are you planning to show your partner?

Nah girl nah!

Invest in a sultry bridal lingerie and thank us later!

Pick out a deep, plunging neck sheer lingerie that will make you look like a model.

Worried about being healthy? Don’t worry there’s a lingerie for every shape and size.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this lingerie buying guide to choose a lingerie according to your body needs.

And oh yeah, guys need to wear something special too. Girls can’t do all the work.

Didn’t they wear the same coat for everyone at the wedding?

Guys do us a favor and wear something interesting for your lovely wife.

Need help? Choose from a wide range of superior quality underwear for men.

5. Will it be painful?

Girls all over India are troubled by this question at least once in their lives. And this worry grows even more during the wedding day.

Okay so hear this out,

If you are going to have sex for the first time on your wedding night, a little bit of pain and blood is “absolutely normal”.

You can reduce the pain by having a lot of foreplay and getting aroused a lot.

To reduce the pain even further, use a good quality lubricant and apply to the private areas for a smoother entrance.

Just remember these basic tips for your wedding night and you’ll be good to go.

For more advanced stuff for the wedding night, check out this page.

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