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Sex Toys in Pune
Sex Toys in Pune

Sex Toys in Pune


Pune has a rich blend of Maharashtrian culture and the advancements of modernization. Pune basks in a favourable climate making it a preferred city to live in. Even though its closely-connected to the raging city of Mumbai, Pune is a peaceful haven coupled with amazing people and lip-smacking food range.

Pune has everything you need for an enriched quality of life and serene peace of mind. Pune has been home to people of all cultures including Jews, Parsis and Maharashtrians making the city a melting pot of cultures. Living in Pune you won’t go through a cut-throat competition to survive like its neighbour Mumbai, this city gives you enough time for yourself after a full day of work.

And this time gets utilized by the Punekars really really well. If you know what I mean. According to a sex survey conducted by, tracking the trends and usages of sex toys and adult products in the entire country, the city of Pune ranked at a grossing 7th spot beating Ahmedabad in its sexual exploration.

The influx of young professionals has increased the demand for sex toys in Pune more than the demand in the metropolitan cities. Pune achieved something that not even big cities like Mumbai or Delhi did. This sex research revealed that the women in the city of Pune bought more sex toys than the men in Pune. Even if there are hardly any physical shop for sex toys in Pune, the city loves to explore its sexuality and have fun with it.


Men’s performance

Penis Pumps in Pune

Penis enlargement pumps are a boon to the male race. Men are extremely under confident about their penis size which makes them lose their self-esteem and underperform in bed. Penis pumps solves this very issue. Penis pumps are designed to increase the size and girth of a man’s penis. They are more like a workout for your penis making it strong and bigger. Buy penis enlargement pumps for men at affordable prices in Pune.

Condoms in Pune

Condoms for men are the safest and most effective option to prevent unwanted pregnancy. You can use condom while having sex to experience heightened pleasure, stay safe from infections and experience delicious oral sex. You can easily get condoms in Pune in chemist shops and supermarket but hey Pune is a part of India and we stay in an Indian society where no one is isolated. Each of your move is tracked by curious eyes so if you go and buy a condom it’s gonna totally screw with your life. Worry not, there is still a place in Pune where you can safely buy condoms privately delivered to your address.

Penis Erection Sprays & Delay Creams in Pune

In India, a man’s masculinity is directly linked to the power of his penis. And by default its under a lot of pressure. To perform well in such a pressure is not for the weak penis. Hold your penis erect for longer and perform for longer time in bed with penis erection creams and delay sprays. Buy them online at affordable prices and get it delivered in Pune.

Sexual Enhancement Supplement in Pune

Sexual supplements for men are supposed to be taken internally to improve your sexual performance in bed. It will help arouse the desires in you and make you want to have sex even if you are leading a stressful life. Shop for sex capsules and sexual oral liquid and get it delivered in Pune safely and discreetly.

  • Penis Pumps
  • Condoms
  • Penis Erection Sprays & Delay Creams
  • Sexual Enhancement Supplements

Men's Sex Toys in Pune

Cock Rings in Pune

Cock rings are simple, stretchable rings to be worn around a man’s penis for hard erections that stay on for a long time. Too many men in India are suffering from erectile dysfunction and they don’t even realize it because in India there’s too less importance given to sex. More on that, some other day.

But if you wish to make your partner really “feel” your penis inside her, you need to invest in a simple cock ring right now. Just do it. Don’t know where to start? Buy penis rings for men in Pune and get the erections you have only seen in porn movies!

Strokers & Masturbators for Men in Pune

Out of the stress to make ends meet, Indian men have been resorting to their good ol friend for years now. They have almost fallen into a rut of hands-dick-sleep-repeat. If you are one of those and reading this, hear this out….its gets boring after some time. Period. The same hand, the same penis, maybe the same porn….it does. And if you have reached that point and reading this, we sympathize with you.

Strokers and masturbators are basically sex toys for men that have distinct textures inside them. So when you insert your penis you feel new erotic sensations each and every time. And the sensations are much much much better than a hand. Shop for thrilling male masturbators in Pune discreetly delivered to your doorstep.

  • Cock Rings
  • Strokers & Masturbators for Men

Women's Sex Toys in Pune

Sexy Lingerie in Pune

A hot women’s lingerie is what takes a regular woman’s body from boring to plain sexy! If you wish to flaunt the feminine personality you own and look drop dead gorgeous, sexy lingerie is what you should pick up like tonight!

With a range of bras and panties, babydolls, thongs and all other sultry goodness you can be the next Kingfisher calender model right in your bedroom. Shop for sexy lingerie in Pune and drive your partner crazy over your new, renewed look.

Sex Lubricants in Pune

Most of the women experience pain during first intercourse and they are quite freaked out about the same. Well turns out there is no need to. While first time penis insertion definitely hurts, the pain can be lessened. Sex lubricants are designed to relieve that pain by acting as a silky, smooth gel. Using a lubricant during sex helps penis penetrate in the vagina smoothly. Buy personal lubricant gels in Pune at effective prices.

Vibrators in Pune

Once a woman owns a vibrators, she makes a bold choice of empowering herself. Vibrators are a great possession to have with a woman. Vibrators always text back, they give commitments, they remain loyal and best of all….they give orgasms! What more could a woman want? Over the years,the popularity of vibrators in Pune have grown multifold and usage shown by the sex research report of Vibrators can tease your G-spot, clitoris, vulva, labia, nipples and more. While million people are experiencing the pulsating feeling, why should you stay behind? Buy female vibrators in Pune from international brands discreetly delivered to your doorstep.

Women Sexual Enhancement in Pune

Women are the homemaker of the house. They are who design and nourish a house to make it a home. While they doing all this, their desires to have sex somewhere gets compromised. Products for exciting women are exactly for that purpose. They are spilled onto their private areas and make a woman “want” to have sex.

  • Sexy Lingerie
  • Lubricants
  • Vibrators
  • Women Sexual Enhancement

Couple Sex Products in Pune

Couple Vibrators

Couple vibes provide strong, powerful vibrations to both the woman and the man. It is designed in a C shape to be inserted in a woman’s vagina during intercourse along with a penis. These luxury sex toys for couples make both the partners reach an orgasm together...with a bang! Shop for couple’s sex toys and achieve that heavenly feeling together and create a moment worth million bucks.

Vibrating Cock Rings in Pune

Vibrating cock rings are basic cock rings with a vibrating bullet on the top which is used to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. These cock rings are worn around a man’s penis to give him a rock hard erection. When this penis is inserted in the vagina, the vibrating bullet from the cock ring will be placed on a woman’s clitoris and she will experience thumping vibrations while you are inside her. How sexy is that? Buy from a wide range of vibrating penis rings for men in Pune right from here.

  • Couple Vibrators
  • Vibrating Cock Rings

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