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Capstone's specialty group has appraised hundreds of dealerships throughout Florida and the United States. Our appraisals reflect the most recent trends in the industry and exceed expectations by offering insight on competitor sales levels and industry-accepted occupancy cost ratios.

Dealerships are a unique property type. Vehicular sales is an industry that experiences significant cyclical financial changes as well as periodic re-imaging campaigns. Proper valuation of dealerships takes experience, national resources, and a fundamental understanding of what makes dealerships feasible and profitable. Capstone's team, led by Scott Tew, MAI, have all of those attributes. Mr. Tew has been appraising dealerships for over 20 years. Let Capstone help you! Call Scott Tew, MAI at (844) 822-7825 x707 for more information.
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    Getting ready to say goodbye to your car is a big step to take. Shouldn’t you know where you’re about to step? Capstone Valuation Advisors provide specialized auto appraiser services to give you the edge during your next trip to an auto dealership.

    Not sure if you should trade-in or sell your vehicle? With so much to factor in, and every car being so unique, there’s a lot to consider. Our auto dealership appraiser is here to make your call an easier one to make.

    Don’t let a dealership take you for a ride when the time comes to trade in. Capstone’s specialized auto group has been at the helm of hundreds of dealership evaluations across the state of Florida. For services you can trust, whether you’re trading in or selling, it pays to have someone in your corner who knows a thing or two.

    Capstone Valuation Advisors is that someone. Visit us today to find out more about our auto dealer appraisal services, and get the deal you’re looking for. Not whatever deal you get stuck with.