Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Capstone Commercial Property Valuation Advisors provides industry-leading reports using cutting-edge data sources coupled with thorough verification. But the difference between a good appraisal and a great one is analysis.



Valuation Reports

Capstone provides well-documented, thoughtful reports that make the client’s job easier.

Our commercial appraisers take pride in their work and care about being right. On top of that building block, we layer industry-leading resources such as: National CoStar Comps & Property; Loopnet Premium; MicroBase; The Apartment Index; Smith Travel Research (STR); ARGUS; and others. We have numerous real estate appraisers with extensive experience utilizing ARGUS. We independently verify the information and enter it into our proprietary database. Next, we draw upon additional resources to create an exceptional commercial valuation report.

For instance, we have created our own report-building software. This software increases the report’s appeal, consistency, and reduces mistakes often found in older report production techniques. Report content is amplified by detailed market analysis that is available for the majority of our valuation assignments.

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We are Client Focused

Information on current and historical rents, occupancies, new deliveries, and absorption—on a competitive set level—can make all the difference in rapidly and accurately assessing a market or asset type.

For income-producing properties, we offer Argus analysis. Roughly half of our appraisal staff holds an Argus Certification (reserved for those who have attended advanced coursework and passed a comprehensive exam).

Using all of these tools in conjunction with many years of real estate appraisal experience, we have consistently been able to deliver industry-leading reports. Our goal is to become regarded as the finest commercial appraisal firm in our markets…the first stop for our Commercial Valuation clients when results matter.

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